Thursday, January 15, 2009

To Do: Smith family obits

1. Finish transcribing all the obituaries that Doris sent to me (mark them off on my list) into Smith Family Obituaries document - done 1/15/09
2. Enter obituary transcripts into family tree database notes - done 1/15/09
3. Enter source information for obituaries - done 1/17/09
4. Enter birth and death dates and places and names of people mentioned in obituaries in FTF - done 1/17/09
5. Combine multiple obit pics in single sheets (ie, put two Preston Obits together), combine obits of married couples on one sheet, children on one sheet...? either way, make pretty pictures to print and file in folders. - done 1/19/09
6. Print family group sheets and file - done 1/19/09
7. Make an inventory document of all items received from Doris in the mail on 1/13/2009

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