Thursday, January 22, 2009

Other Elusive Godwins

Speaking of DNA, we are still looking to connect 4 other Godwin lines from the IN-IL-AR area to our own Elijah Godwin (1801 NC-1884AR).

Wilson Ulysses Godwin:

Wilson Ulysses Godwin was born about 1820 in Randolph Co., NC. He married first to Louisa Roper in Clinton Co., IL about 1843. They had a son, Simon, who died in 1844. There is speculation that they lived in or around Perry Co., IL, which is where my Elijah Godwin's family lived about 1830. Wilson Godwin was also found in Lawrence Co., AR in 1850. Elijah Godwin had moved his family to Lawrence Co., AR about 1839. In AR, Wilson married Artimissa Corbett and they had two children: Louisa Godwin and Ulysses Godwin born 1847 and 1849 respectively. During the Civil War, Wilson moved his family back up to Union Co., IL where he served in the Union Army. Other children of Artimissa and Wilson were: Margaret Elizabeth "Meg", Thomas N., Frances P., Campsadellan "Sarah" Della, Wilson McClure, and Laura Belle Godwin.

Update: A descendant of Wilson Godwin took the DNA test. His results are discussed here.

Wilkinson Godwin:

Wilkinson Godwin was born about 1796 and died 1837 in Union Co., IL. In 1809 he married Nancy Beggs in KY, prior to moving to IL in 1810. His descendants, including Finley Thompson Godwin, settled in Hot Springs Co., AR.

Update 4/29/09: A descendant of Wilkinson/Wilkerson Godwin took the DNA test through His DNA did NOT match that of my family. However, he was a match to two other DNA Godwin family participants - one of John Godwin and one of Barnaby and Wilkerson Wilkinora Godwin (Edgecombe Co., NC - Hancock/Wilkes Co., GA). The DNA results confirmed our suspicions that Wilkerson was related to Barnaby and Wilkerson Godwin.

Etheldred Godwin:

I am trying to prove that Nathan Godwin (1774-1833) was the father of our Elijah Godwin (1801-1884). I am also trying to prove that Etheldred Godwin was Nathan Godwin's brother. Both men were found in 1795 in Sampson Co., NC with their supposed mother Rachel (Bullard) Godwin, then between 1800-1828 in Randolph Co., NC. Both men moved to Putnam and Clay Counties, Indiana about 1829. Etheldred remained in Putnam Co., IN until his death c 1851; Nathan Godwin moved to Perry Co., IL where he died in 1833. His heirs moved on to AR. Dred's heirs moved on to Iowa.

Nathan Godwin (1760-1823, Sampson Co., NC):

There were two Nathan Godwins born between 1760-1780 living in Sampson Co., NC about 1790. A Nathan Godwin wrote a will in 1821. He was believed to be the son of Jonathan and Rachel (Bullard) Godwin. However, I believe MY Nathan Godwin to be the son of Jonathan and Rachel (Bullard) Godwin. A DNA test would clear this up.

If you or anyone you know is a male Godwin descendant of any of these 4 lines, please let me know asap so we can get them signed up for a DNA test!

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  1. I haven't been actively searching on my Godwin line recently, but just was doing some searches that brought up your page. I'm interested in the genealogy that's been done on the Wilkerson Godwin line. My ancestor Rebecca Godwin married George DAvolt in Union County, Il. I had seen Wilkerson as a potential relation, but knew he was too young to be her father. She was born 17 March 1799, although off hand, I'm not sure how I know that exact date.

  2. Hi Patti, I would be happy to talk to you more about the Wilkerson Godwin line. Please send me your email address.

  3. Hi Ginger!
    My GGGGrandfather was an Edwin E. Godwin, married to Edith Branch, and I have hit a brick wall along with everyone else I've ever met.
    I am attending a Godwin Family Reunion in Spivey's Corner this Sunday with the John Robert Godwin (my GGGrandfather, son of Edwin) and I'd love to share any info that I might scare up if available, and if we find ourselves to be linked.
    Talk to you sometime!

    1. Hi Timothy, not sure if you will get this but that is my family line also. David Judson Godwin, son of Edwin and Edith Godwin is my GGGrandfather. I am traveling to North Carolina next week to do some research. Do you know where Edith and Edwin Godwin are buried? Also, they say the old farm they lived in is still there but do you know where? Hope that's not too many questions. My email is Thanks, Tracy

  4. Hi Timothy,
    I would like more information on this weekend's reunion as I would like to attend! Please email me at grs3275 at yahoo dot com.