Thursday, January 22, 2009

Dred Godwin Task List

Etheldred Godwin Task List

Updated 1/19/2009

1. Order Family History Library's film no. 1315537 entitled “Putnam Co., IN Deed Index, Grantors, v.1, A - I, Apr. 1824- Aug. 1863 and v.2, I - S, Apr. 1824- Aug. 1863” – Look for John or Cassie McAlister, Wm or Elizabeth Thomas, and George and Margaret Sabin
-- Update 4/4/09: Gene Pitt is planning to submit his Godden family book to the publisher by the end of April. I would like to verify Cassie McAlister was another daughter of Dred, and that John McAlister, George Sabin, and William Thomas were the other 3 holders of Dred's inherited land before this book is published. Today I ordered this film to look for Sabin and McAlister in the index.

2. “Order Probate Order Books” which are also available on film from the FHL FHL US/CAN Film no. 1315752 – Look for Godwin/Goodwin – these contain orders given by the court and may contain a court appointed commission to divide Dred’s land if intestate (The Putnam Co Probate Records have already been searched Nov 2005 – there were no Godwin/Goodwin/Goddens listed)

3. “Complete order books, Circuit Court, 1823-1862” FHL US/CAN Film 2416111 – Look for Godwin/Goodwin, McAlister, Thomas, and Sabin -- Update 4/4/09: Today I ordered this film

4. “Civil order books - Circuit Court, 1825-1921” - FHL US/CAN Film no.2414721 – Look for Godwin/Goodwin, McAlister, Thomas, and Sabin

5. Call the Putnam Co,. IN courts to see if they have “intestate records” and “land lot division of heirs” or “division of estate records”

Clerks Office - (765) 653-2648

Circuit Court - (765) 653-5315

Superior Court - (765) 653-2658

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