Thursday, January 22, 2009

Genealogy Journal 1/22/09

I spent 3 days at home this week working on "genealogy." What was my biggest success - getting my list of researchers and correspondence logs updated! I have been heading a somewhat active email discussion on "The descendants of Etheldred Godwin." Before I started it, I had to compile a list of all the current researchers of this family in a spreadsheet - I added their name, email address and/or physical address and phone numbers; their line of descendancy, and correspondence summary. See below for an example of a researcher list.

Once the table was complete, I added their email addresses to my "DredFamily" email distribution list and used that to correspond with all members. I have about 8 or 9 active members now. Descendants of four of Dred's seven children are actively researching this family and are a part of our email discussion group - the Thomas, McAlister, and Sabin lines; and the Jonathan/Sarah Godden line. I believe two more sons did not marry and I have not found anyone researching Dred's oldest son's line - Nathan and Elizabeth Godwin.

Topics of discussion this week:

  • Review of the deeds of Dred's heirs who sold his land in Putnam Co., IN in 1852
  • Distribution of the "Dred Godwin Task List" that I compiled this week in order to get people involved and to get help in obtaining and reviewing the records that would provide more evidence as to who the exact heirs of Dred Godwin were. I posted this "task list" to our facebook page as well.
  • DNA testing - my grandfather submitted his DNA to the Goodwin/Godwin surname project. I believe he descends from Etheldred Godwin's brother Nathan. If I am correct, then the DNA from him should match with the DNA from one of Dred Godwin's male direct descendants.

  • Lynn Larry Godden, descendant of Jonathan and Sarah Godden, has agreed to submit his 37 marker DNA test to the project!! We are unsure of his relation to Dred Godwin. Be on the lookout for an upcoming post with this family's mystery.
  • Kay has agreed to order some of the films from her local Family History Library

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