Thursday, January 15, 2009

Smith family: Long Term Projects

1. Scan and summarize 60 pages of Richard Smith's Civil War Pension file - update 2/3/09: I found out that my scanner compile scanned images into pdfs. I would like to rescan all 60 pages and save to one easy access pdf file. Or maybe into two saved pdf files - one by page number (I'm not sure how my grandfather numbered them, probably in the order they arrived); and one file numbered chronologically. Then transfer all the individual digital images to my external HD.

2. Scan, transcribe, and enter into FTF the Smith family obits that Doris sent to me - done 1/17/2009 (I still need to finish compiling my "inventory" - all items received from Doris - into my Word document

3. Download and transcribe the James and John Smith (of Jackson Co AL) Rev. War files - Transcribed John Smith's Revolutionary War file on 1/14/2009 and posted summary to blog.

4. Review probate and deed films for Smith family in Johnson Co., AR from FHL

5. Review Johnson Co., AR history and family books to learn about the area and see if Smith family mentioned - ordered "Johnson Co AR, 100 Years in History..." through ILL on 1/15/09; Received book on 1/30/09, currently reading; No index. To do: scan and post images of Johnson Co from the book.

6. Obtain death certificates of Phoebe and Preston Smith - received 2/3/09 - scanned, emailed to family and friends, and entered into Family Tree Maker

7. Make contact with other Smith descendants - Doris (Clyde's dau), Johnny's kids, Avery's kids, and Jimmy's kids (ask Doris for contact info)

8. Order death certificate of Ray Smith (Preston's brother) to determine year born and parents. His date of birth conflicts with Preston's date of birth and information provided by Richard Smith in his pension application.

9. Order Smith family marriage article from pages 6-14 of the April 1980 edition of the Johnson Co Historical Society Journal - requested through ILL on 12/28/08. - Update 2/3/09: There's some kind of problem with my request. The library in AR is saying these are only 2 page editions???

10. Review Smith family entries from the Cowlitz Co., WA cemetery records book - Ordered through ILL on 12/29/08; 1/29/09 - scanned indexes for Smith entries; scanned all pages with Smith references twice - once as jpeg and once as tif. Saved all scanned book pages (jpegs) to the SMITH/Cowlitz County Washington Resources/Cemeteries of Cowlitz County folder. Transferred the tif images to external harddrive. - Wouldn't it be nice to post the index to my blog?

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