Here is a list of my surnames based on my most recently related ancestors. If you see someone you know or would like more information on a particular surname, please feel free to email me. Or click on a surname to view all posts written about that family.

BARTON South Carolina, Arkansas
BENSON Mississippi, Arkansas
BINNS Virginia, Georgia, Arkansas
BIRGIT North Carolina
BROOKS England, Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Arkansas
BULLARD Virginia, North Carolina
BULLINGTON South Carolina, Russell Co., Alabama, Lamar Co., Texas
BURTON South Carolina
COX Greenville, South Carolina; Howard Co., Arkansas
DENNIS Kentucky, Tennessee, Lamar Co., Texas, Oklahoma, Sebastian Co., Arkansas
DUNLAP Stokes Co., North Carolina, Johnson Co., Arkansas
FOX Tennessee, Indiana, Arkansas
GODWIN Virginia, North Carolina, Indiana, Arkansas
Caswell Co., North Carolina
William Tipton GENTRY, b. abt 1839 from Knox Co., TN, married Manerva O'Neill from Blount Co., TN; They had 5 children, got divorced, and William moved to Lamar Co., TX
HARDIN Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas
HILL (1)This John Hill, b. 1620, md to Susannah Clark line is supposedly from London, England, Charles Co/Prince George/Frederick Co., Maryland, Newberry Co., South Carolina; Howard Co., Arkansas (2) This Robert Hill, b. 1589 md to Ann Kinge line is supposedly from Norfolk Co., England, Northumberland, England, Isle of Wight Co., Virginia; md into the Steed family of Brunswick Co., Virginia and Randolph Co., North Carolina
HOUSE Oregon & Howell Co's, Missouri
KING My 2nd Great-Grandmother was Dora KING, b. abt 1875 MO, d. abt 1912 MO; daughter of Robert King and Tabitha HOUSE. Robert King, b. c. 1848 IL, d. 1876 MO, I believe to be the son of Wilsey P King (b. 1820 AL, d. 1904, OR) and Eliza P WILSON, b. c 1817 TN, d. c 1885 MO.
LASITER Arkansas & Oklahoma
MCCOY Greenville, South Carolina
NIX John Nix of Marshall and Obion Counties, Tennessee
O’NEAL North Carolina, Tennessee, Arkansas
ORR Kentucky, Arkansas
PETERS William Edward Peters was born 10 Mar 1874 in Thomasville, Oregon Co., MO. He married (1) Dora King, 3 Nov 1900 in Oregon Co., MO. He married (2) Elizabeth P Unknown about 1914 in MO. He married (3) Caroline Smith about 1924 in MO or AR. He died 3 Feb 1948 in Pocohantas, Randolph Co., AR. William Peters' parents are unknown but thought to be from MO or IL. 
PUTMAN Georgia, Arkansas, Oklahoma
RIDDLE South Carolina, Arkansas
SMITH (1)David Smith line: b. 1789 in Tennessee, Alabama, Arkansas (2)Nicholas Smith line: his daughter Elizabeth Smith, b. 1662 in Isle of Wight Co., Virginia md into the Robert Hill family of Norfolk Co., England mentioned above
TINSLEY Yorkshire, England; Virginia, South Carolina, Arkansas
WARD Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas
WEST Kentucky, Arkansas
WILLIAMS Llangollen, Wales; Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina

Surnames By Location:

Bullington, Smith

Benson, Binns, Brooks, Cox, Davis, Dennis, Dunlap, Godwin, Hardin, Hill, Jones, Lasiter, O'Neal, Orr, Peters, Putman, Riddle, Smith, Tinsley, Ward, West

Binns, Putman

Dry, Godwin, Gunter, Harris

Fox, Godwin

Dennis, Hardin, Orr, Ward, West


House, King, Nix, Peters, Thomas

North Carolina
Brooks, Bullard, Dunlap, Godwin, Graves, Hill, Latham, Lewis, O'Neal, Steed, Williams

South Carolina
Barton, Bullington, Cheek, Cox, McCoy, Riddle, Tinsley, Williams

Brooks, Fox, Gentry, Hardin, O'Neal & O'Neill, Smith, Ward

Binns, Brooks, Bullard, Godwin, Hardin, Hill, Thomas, Tinsley, Williams


  1. Hi: I am new to this group, but have been working on the WILLIAMS FAMILY for a few years, and like most, I am still right where I line starts ( provable ), with George b. 1800, N.C.,Samuel b.1823, Tenn..m. Rosannah Briant, ....Talitha Q. b.1847 Union Co. GA...m. John C.R. Buck,...Mary Elizabeth BUCK b. 1866 White Co. TENN...m. Isaac Napoleon HORTON b 1869, Fannin Co.,Ga....William Theodore Horton, Sr. b. 1905 Fannin Co Ga.....and me " Jr. "...
    I have George and Samuel on the Guion Miller rolls of the rejected apps, but I can't seem to hook George on to anyone with a native American background...I Thot philip or his brother James,
    but that is not working either..Philip is perfect, but I just cannot link his George to my

    1. Hi William, thanks for writing and I commend you for all the work you've done on your WILLIAMS family. It's not the easiest family to research for sure.

      My Williams family descends from a man called "John Williams, the Wealthy Welshman." I get all my information from a website published by Scott Williams and can be accessed here. You are welcome to look through it to see if your George might fit in with any of those families:

      I would highly suggest you take an autosomal DNA test - either through, 23AndMe, or ftDNA (Family Finder test). They will match you up with cousins from both sides of your family. If you have any other William cousins, you might want to get them tested as well.

      Lastly, I would suggest you look closely at your TN Williams'. Do you know what County they were from? Did they get land grants? If so, sometimes the land grants tell you where they came from. Were they any other Williams families living near by? Can you find this same group of Williams' in a county in NC - use the census reports.

      I hope this helps. Please keep us updated on your progress.