Friday, January 16, 2009

Genealogy Journal 1/16/09

Today I spent time thinking about the deeds that I found last week relating to Netheldred Godwin and his 7 heirs who sold their 1/7th land parts in 1852 in Putnam Co., IN.

I updated my Jonathan and Sarah Godden document with the deed information: it said that Sarah Godwin was the heir of Dred Godwin (not Jonathan) which contradicts her death certificate. Sarah Godden's death certificate says her father's name was Enos Godden. It is possible that Sarah was actually the granddaughter of Dred Godwin, and Enos was the son of Natheldred, but was deceased.

The deeds only gave me the names of 4 "heirs" of Dred Godwin who sold off their 1/7th shares of his land in Putnam Co., IN in 1852. There were 7 heirs total, so there were 3 heirs unaccounted for. These 3 unaccounted heirs were probably daughters. The deeds would be listed under their husband's names. The 3 daughters of Dred were Margaret Sabin, Elizabeth Thomas, and Cassie McAlister (not proven). I did not find any deeds by William Thomas, Elizabeth's husband around the year 1852. Nor did I find the deeds for George Sabin, husband of Margaret Godwin. I did not know of the McAlister name when I searched these deeds last.

I sent an email to Cheryl Kay Drummond about looking up the McAlister deeds in the Putnam Co., IN deed index grantors at the Family History Library. I hope she will agree to pursue this option. I also requested information on Cassie Godwin McAlister - in particular her whereabouts throughout the 1830 census and beyond.

I also emailed Michele Bender, a descendant of Margaret (Godwin) Sabin to request that she order the Putnam Co., IN Probate Order Books and also the Complete Order books from the Circuit court; I also asked her to call the Putnam Co., IN courthouse to see if they have intestate records and land lot division for heirs.

Lori Godwin also gave me some suggestions on what else I can check:
1. Look for "Land Division" or "Division of Estate" records which would show a hand drawing of the land plot and the division of it to the heirs
2. Additional probate reocrds - Putnam County has "Probate Order Books" listed at the FHL. I emailed the Indiana State Library who also has these records, to see what exactly they are but the librarian was unable to tell me.

I added the Putnam Co., IN court information to a new word document to have on hand for letters or phone calls:
circuit court
superior court
county clerk's office

I also emailed Brian Liedtke, a descendant of Cassie and John McAlister Godwin. His family tree is posted here.


Read up some more about the DNA results for the NC Godwins. I emailed Madonna Waterman to see if she had found a male Godwin descendant who might be willing to contribute his DNA to the Goodwin/Godwin surname project. She said she still has not heard back from him, but is willing to help pay for the test. They are trying to connect Wilson Ulysses Godwin of IL and AR to an NC Godwin.

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