Saturday, March 14, 2009

Genealogy Journal 3/14/09

It's been a pretty slow week for genealogy. I haven't done any genealogy since 3/7/09. Tonight I got in 3.5 hours of genealogy. Yesterday I got in about 3 hours of genealogy while I was at work.

Tonight I compiled a word document about Enoch Godwin (1824-1908) of Sampson County, North Carolina. I also updated the notes and sources of my genealogy program for him. I write word documents that I can take on the go with me and also that I can send via email to other researchers if requested. I also find them easier to work with because I can search and format them. I usually keep all of my source material in the word document itself. I then transfer my notes and my source citations to my genealogy program.

Once I checked that my notes in my genealogy program reflected the notes I had in my newly created word document, I then put a copy right notice on my word document and saved it as a pdf file so that I can send it via email.

I created a genealogy report from my genealogy software on Enoch Godwin and exported it to a pdf file. The genealogy report contained information on Enoch's children and wives, the word document did not. The word document outlined chronologically all of the sources I found Enoch Godwin mentioned in that I located and copied at the NC State Archives.

I sent both of these documents (pdfs) to other interested researchers via email.


I did the same for Enoch Godwin of Randolph County, North Carolina. There were only 3 records of him in Randolph County, NC. I copied them to a new word document, inserted source citations as footnotes, copyrighted and saved. I made a second document outlining Enoch Godwin/Godden's life after NC - when he moved to Clay County, Indiana about 1830 and then his life in Boone County, Iowa between 1852 and 1860 when he died.

I merged these two files into a 3rd document and printed as a Pdf file which I then sent via email to the descendants of Enoch Godwin (about 5 total researchers).

You are probably wondering if I transferred this information to my genealogy software. The answer is: sort of. I added him as a new person, and updated his notes section but I still have yet to add all of the source citations, children, and export to genealogy report. His family was quite complicated as not much has been proved and TWO sets of cousins married within this family!


Goals for this month:

To outline the research findings of David Godwin, whom I believe to be a brother of the Enoch Godwin of Sampson Co., NC. Unfortunately there are 2 other David Godwins of Sampson County, although not in the same timeframe, which is good. I would like to get them sorted and connected to other other Sampson County Godwins - Jonathan, Nathan, and John.

Update 3/20/09: I posted my research findings on the 3 David Godwins of Sampson County, North Carolina:
David Godwin, son of Nathan Godwin (d. 1821)
David Godwin (1828-1865), son of Jonathan Godwin
David Godwin (1872-1946), son of John Godwin

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