Friday, March 20, 2009

David Godwin, son of Nathan Godwin, Sampson Co., NC

In 1821, Nathan Godwin recorded a will in Sampson County, North Carolina. The following children were listed in his will:

Jerusha Godwin
Jonathan Godwin
Teresa/Tressie + her two sons, Handy and Royal Godwin
John Godwin
Joel Godwin's heirs
Rachel Godwin
Fama Starling
Edna Layton
David Godwin

I've estimated these children were born between 1774 and 1800, so most of them would have been adults by the time this will was recorded.

I did not find Nathan's son David Godwin on any census report in Sampson County, North Carolina. However, he did purchase items from his father's estate on April 6th, 1821. He purchased 50 acres of land for $14. On February 23, 1822, David Godwin purchased 7 acres of land from Nathan Godwin's estate. David's brother John was the executor of their father's estate.

In 1809, a David Godwin purchased 61 acres of land in Sampson County, North Carolina from Abraham Beaman. The deed was proved by Nathan Godwin.

In 1854, a David and Enoch Godwin administered the estate of Jonathan Godwin. I do not believe this David to be the same David who was the son of Nathan. I have found David and Enoch Godwin in other references together. I believe that David was the son of Jonathan. I have discussed his family here.

I do not know what happened to this David Godwin, son of Nathan Godwin. He might have lived in a neighboring county. Or he might have died shortly after his father's will was recorded. I did not find a will or estate record for him in Sampson County, North Carolina.

(1) Find out if David Godwin sold this land that he had purchased from his father Nathan's estate: Look for deeds with David as Grantor in Sampson County, NC - 50 acres formerly owned by Nathan, 7 acres formerly owned by Nathan, and 61 acres purchased from Abraham Beaman in 1809.

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  1. Ginger, thanks for very helpful information about Nathan and David Godwin. You're right, the David who is in Sampson Co. after 1830 is not Nathan's son David.

    I'm a descendant of Nathan's son David. He left Sampson Co. for Georgia (Randolph Co.) in 1826=1829, and in 1848, moved to Bienville Parish, LA, where he died in 1861. I will gladly share with you the information I have on David.