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David Godwin (c1828 - 1865) - Sampson Co., NC

There were at least three David Godwin men living in Sampson County, North Carolina:

1. David Godwin, son of Jonathan and Mary Godwin, born about 1828 in North Carolina (according to 1850 Sampson Co census with Jonathan Godwin head & Jonathan’s estate records of 1854)

2. David Godwin, son of Nathan Godwin, born before 1800, according to Nathan Godwin’s will, 1821

3. David Godwin, son of John Godwin, born 1872, according to John Godwin’s will of 1873 and estate records of 1879

This post describes the chronological events of David Godwin, son of Jonathan Godwin of Sampson County, North Carolina. David was born about 1828 and died between 1860 and 1865.


David Godwin was first found in the household of Jonathan and Mary Godwin in the Northern District of Sampson County, North Carolina in 1850:

1850 Northern District, Sampson Co. NC
Jonathan Godwin head, 70 yo (b. abt 1780), Farmer, NC
Mary Godwin, 63 yo (b. abt 1787), NC
Mary Godwin, 26 yo (b. abt 1824), NC
Eliza Godwin, 25 yo (b. abt 1825), NC
David Godwin, 22 yo (b. abt 1828), NC
M432-644, p. 404
Same page as Enoch Godwin


David Godwin was a co-administrator with Enoch Godwin of the estate of Jonathan Godwin, Sampson County, North Carolina, Dec 1854. (Earlier estate sale by David Godwin, July 20, 1854).

Note: From the 1850 census reports, it looks as if David Godwin was the son of Jonathan Godwin because he was enumerated in Jonathan’s household. David and Enoch were enumerated on the same page and about the same age – David was 22 and Enoch was 24 years old, so it is probable that these two men were brothers and both sons of Jonathan Godwin.

David Godwin paid $439.44 to the estate of Nathan Godwin, Sampson County, North Carolina, November 18, 1856. Patrick Murphey was the administrator. Enoch Godwin also had to pay $175 to the estate.
Note: This could have been David Godwin (born before 1800), son of Nathan Godwin (died 1821); however because he is listed along with Enoch Godwin, I believe this to be David Godwin, son of Jonathan and Mary.


David Godwin married Susan Unknown between 1850 and 1858 (estimated by the birth of his first daughter Mary).


1860 Mingo Twp., Sampson Co., NC, (Draughton's Store PO)
Taken 10 July 1860
David Godwin, head, 31 yo (b. abt 1829), NC
Susan A Godwin, 20 yo (b. abt 1840), NC
Mary Godwin, 2 yo (b. abt 1858), NC
Isham D Godwin, 9 mo (b. abt Oct 1859), NC
Roll M653_913, p. 486
Next door to John & Elizabeth Godwin (b. abt 1820), & Enoch & Ester Godwin (b. abt 1826)


David Godwin had an estate record file in Sampson Co., NC, 1865.

David Godwin’s widow was found in the 1870 Sampson Co., Piney Grove, NC census report in the household of Daniel K Van. She had remarried after the death of David. In the household: Susan Ann Van, 28 yo (b. abt 1842), NC; James Van, 2 yo (b. abt 1868), Isham D Godwin, 9 yo (b. abt 1861), NC, Joel N Godwin, 6 yo (b. abt 1864), NC; and Daniel Van’s children from a previous marriage.
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