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Enoch Godwin, Randolph Co., NC (1770s-1860s)

There were two different Enoch Godwin men of North Carolina:

1. Enoch Godwin of Sampson Co., NC, probable son of Jonathan and Mary Godwin, born about 1824; Married (1) Ester Blackwell and (2) Julia Lee
2. Enoch Godwin of Randolph Co., NC, probably son of Jonathan and Rachel (Bullard) Godwin, born  before 1797, possibly moved to Putnam Co., IN

This post focuses on the older Enoch Godwin (#2) of Randolph Co., NC.  The younger Enoch Godwin of Sampson County, North Carolina was previously discussed here.

The Enoch Godwin highlighted in this post was probably the brother of Nathan and Dred Godwin, and therefore, another son of Jonathan and Rachel (Bullard) Godwin. He might have been in Sampson Co., NC along with Nathan and Dred (and possibly Micajah Godwin), however, he cannot be confused with a younger Enoch Godwin born about 1824 also living in Sampson Co., NC Enoch moved from Sampson to Randolph Co., NC just prior to 1800, although he was not found on any original records until 1818. He was also found later in Putnam County, Indiana. This Enoch Godwin was the father of Jonathan Godden who married Sarah Godwin. Enoch Godwin removed with them to Boone County, Iowa about 1852.

The following chronicles the events of Enoch Godwin in Randolph County, North Carolina:


Enoch Godwin purchased brandy and 1 other item from the estate of Margaret Lucas in Randolph Co., NC in 1818 along with Polly Lucas and Leonard Graves. John Lucas was the administrator of the estate.[1]

I believe that Milberry Godwin who married John Lucas, was a sister of Nathan, Dred, and Enoch Godwin.


Enoch Godwin was listed on the 1820 Randolph Co., NC Tax List in Capt. King’s district. Included 1 white poll.[2] He had to be at least 21 years of age to be included in this list, therefore he was born before 1799.


Enoch Godwin was a chain carrier in the survey of 2.5 acres of land on the waters of Little River which joined Johnson Spencer’s land taken for Cumings King’s land entry, October 7th, 1824 in Randolph Co., NC. [3,4]

The following chronicles the events of Enoch Godwin in Putnam County, Indiana and Boone County, Iowa:


Enock Godwin was enumerated on page 330 of the 1840 Jackson Township, Clay County, Indiana Census report [5]. There were 2 males between the ages of 10 and 15 (born between 1825 and 1830), 1 male between the ages of 20 and 30 (born between 1810 and 1820), and 1 male between the ages of 60 and 70 (born between 1770 and 1780). The oldest male was Enoch Godwin and he was born between 1770 and 1780. Two females were also in the household. One female was between the ages of 15 and 20 (born between 1820 and 1825) and one female was between the ages of 60 and 70 (born between 1780 and 1790). The older female was probably Enoch’s wife.


Enoch was probably the “Joh” Godden who was enumerated with Jonathan and Sarah Godden on the 1850 Riley Township, Vigo County, Indiana census report [6]. Jonathan Godden was the head of house and he was born about 1823 in Indiana. His wife Sarah was born about 1825 in North Carolina. Jonathan Godden was probably the son of Enoch Godwin and he was probably born in North Carolina, not Indiana. This might have been a mistake on the census taker’s part.

1850 Riley Township, Vigo Co., IN Census report:
Jonathan Godden, head, age 27 (b. abt 1823), born in IN
Sarah Godden, age 25, (b. abt 1825), born in NC
William Godden, age 3 (or 5?), (b. abt 1847) IN
Newton Godden, age 2/12 (?), born in IN
Joh (John?) Godden, age 73, (b. abt 1777) born in NC
(could this actually be Enoch's first or middle name?)
Roll M432_177, p. 160


In 1856 Enoch Godden was enumerated again with Jonathan and Sarah Godden in Boone County, Iowa. Enoch was listed as a widow, born about 1777 in North Carolina who had been living in Iowa for 4 years. This means that Jonathan and his family, including Enoch, had moved from Indiana to Iowa about 1852. Jonathan and Sarah Godwin sold their 1/7th share of Etheldred Godwin’s land in Putnam County, Indiana in 1852 [7].

1856 Fed Census of Boone Township, Boone Co., IA [8]
Johnathan Godden, 40 yo (b. abt 1816) in IN; 4 yrs in Iowa; farmer; Native Voter, militia; married
Sarah Godden, 33 yo (b. abt 1823) in NC; Married; 4 yrs in Iowa;
George W Godden, 4 yo (b. abt 1852) in IN; 4 yrs in Iowa;
Elia? Godden, 1 yo (b. abt 1855) in IA; 1 yr in Iowa;
Scion Godden, age 23, (b. abt 1833) in IN; 4 yrs in Iowa; Not married; Native voter; militia;
Enoch Godden, age 83, (b. abt 1773) in NC; widowed; 4 yrs in Iowa; Native voter; Non military.


Enoch Godwin was last seen enumerated on the 1860 Boone Co., IA census report. He was living with his son's family and he was 94 years of age.
1860 Census, Boone Co., Iowa [9]
Des Moines Twp, taken 20 June 1860
Series: M653 Roll: 312 Page: 259
Line 15, 205/161
Jonathan Goden, 43 yo (b. abt 1817), Farmer, $1000/500, NC
Sarah Goden, 38 yo (b. abt 1822), NC
George W Goden, 8 yo, (b. abt 1852), IN
Elias Goden, 5 yo (b. abt 1855), IA
Margaret Goden, 2 yo (b. abt 1858), IA
Sarah C Muncie?, 8 yo (b. abt 1852), IN
Enoch Godwin, 94 yo (b. abt 1766), IN

To date, no will or estate records have been located for Enoch Godwin in Boone or Harrison counties, Iowa. A descendant of Enoch Godwin's son, Jonathan Godden (mentioned above), submitted his DNA to the  Godwin/Goodwin DNA project last year.  It was compared to my own family's DNA and that of many other North Carolina Godwin family samples to see how accurate these paper trails have been. The results of this test were posted in the blog post entitled "DNA Results of Jonathan and Sarah Godden of Boone Co., Iowa ARE IN!!"  Feel free to click on this link to view the results in table form and to see a graphical representation of the family tree as I predict it to be.

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