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Enoch Godwin of Sampson County, North Carolina

Enoch Godwin was born about 1824, possibly the son of Jonathan and Mary Godwin.

There are no Enoch Godwins on the 1840 North Carolina Census reports. There were 11 Godwins enumerated on the 1840 Sampson Co., NC census reports. Jonathan Godwin was one of them, enumerated on p. 37 along with Henry, Edwin, and William. Jonathan was born between 1770-1780 and had 3 males and 3 females (including 1 female born between 1770-1780 (his wife)). David and Enoch might have been the two males living with Jonathan on the 1840 census that were between 10 and 15 years of age.

Enoch Godwin married Ester Blackwell probably sometime between 1845 and 1850 (1850 Sampson Co NC census report with Enoch and Ester on it)


Enoch Godwin was enumerated on the 1850 Northern District, Sampson Co. NC census report:

Enoch Godwin, head, 24 yo (b. abt 1826), farmer, NC
Easther Godwin, 20 yo (b. abt 1830), NC
Winny Barefoot , 4 yo (b. abt 1846), NC

Same page as Jonathan Godwin (Jonathan was 70 years of age, born about 1780, his wife, Mary Godwin, 63 years of age, born about 1787, both born in NC; Mary Godwin, 26 years of age, born about 1824, Eliza Godwin, 25 years of age, born about 1825, and David Godwin, 22 years of age, born about 1828. All born in NC.)


Enoch Godwin was a co-administrator with David Godwin of the estate of Jonathan Godwin, Sampson County, North Carolina, Dec 1854. (Earlier estate sale by David Godwin, July 20, 1854).

From the 1850 census reports, it looks as if David Godwin was the son of Jonathan Godwin because he was enumerated in Jonathan’s household. David and Enoch were enumerated on the same page and about the same age – David was 22 and Enoch was 24 years old, so it is probable that these two men were brothers and both sons of Jonathan Godwin.


Enoch Godwin paid $175 to the estate of Nathan Godwin, Sampson County, North Carolina, November 18, 1856. Patrick Murphey was the administrator. David Godwin also had to pay $439.44 to the estate.


1860 Mingo Twp., Sampson Co., NC, (Draughton's Store PO)
Taken 10 July 1860
Enoch Godwin, head, 34 yo (b. abt 1826), NC
Ester Godwin, 30 yo (b. abt 1830), NC
Sarah W Godwin, 9 yo (b. abt 1851), NC
Francis Godwin, 6 yo (b. abt 1854), NC
Amanda A Godwin, 4 yo (b. abt 1856), NC
Allen B Godwin, 2 yo (b. abt 1858), NC
Missouri Godwin, 3 mo (b. abt Apr 1860), NC
Winnie Barefoot, 13 yo (b. abt 1846) -- Married Silas West
Next door to John and Elizabeth Godwin (b. abt 1820); David and Susan Godwin (b. abt 1830);
Roll M653_913, p. 486


Enoch Godwin married Julia Ann Lee


Cannot find Enoch and his family in North Carolina in 1870


1880 Mingo Twp., Sampson Co., NC Census Report
Taken 15 June 1880
Enoch Godwin, 56 yo (b. abt 1824), Farmer, Md, NC NC NC
Julia A Godwin, wife, 32 yo (b. abt 1848), Md, NC NC NC
Missouri G Godwin, dau, 20 yo (b. abt 1860), NC NC NC (Rhuematism)
Allen B Godwin, son, 22 yo (b. abt 1858), NC NC NC
Julia E Godwin, 15 yo (b. abt 1865), NC NC NC
Esther Godwin, 13 yo (b. abt 1867), NC NC NC
Emma E Godwin, dau, 11 yo (b. abt 1869), NC NC NC
Ezra D Godwin, son, 9 yo (b. abt 1871), NC NC NC
Sarepta Godwin, dau, 7 yo (b. abt 1873), NC NC NC
Gemmima Godwin, dau, 5 yo (b. abt 1875), NC NC NC
Maggie A Godwin, dau, 4 yo (b. abt 1876), NC NC NC
Next door to Elizabeth Godwin, 49 yo (b. abt 1831), widowed, NC NC NC


1900 Mingo Twp., Dist 98, Sampson Co., NC,
Taken 1 June 1900 by Hardy Draughton
Enoch Godwin, head, 76 yo (b. 1824), Md 34 yrs (abt 1866), NC NC NC, owns free farm
Julia A Godwin, wife, 54 yo (b. May 1846), Md 34 yrs (abt 1866), NC NC NC, 8/10 children living
Jemima Godwin, dau, 25 yo (b. June 1875), NC NC NC
Ada Godwin, dau, 15 yo (b. Jan 1885), NC NC NC
Joseph Godwin, son, 12 yo (b. July 1887), NC NC NC
Harvey Tew, laborer, 19 yo, NC NC NCRoll T623_1217, p. 8A, ED 98
Same page as John Godwin, b. Feb 1860


Enoch Godwin recorded a will in Sampson County, North Carolina in 1902.


Enoch Godwin’s estate was filed in Sampson County, North Carolina in 1908. Enoch Godwin must have died between 1902 and 1908 in Sampson County, North Carolina.


Enoch Godwin’s widow, Julia A Godwin, was enumerated on the 1910 Sampson County, North Carolina census report. She was listed as a widow, 64 years old, born about 1846 in North Carolina. Both parents were born in North Carolina. She was the only person living in the household in Mingo township.


There was another older Enoch Godwin who was possibly the son of Jonathan Godwin and Rachel Bullard living in Randolph Co., NC between 1800-1830. This Enoch was believed to have come from Sampson Co., NC along with his two brothers Elthedred and Nathan Godwin. He also moved to IN/IA with his brothers about 1830.


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7. North Carolina Death Certificates, 1909-1975, Sampson County, NC, Death Certificate of Julia Ann Godwin listed her parents as Bakerson Lee and Betsey Tart.


  1. I wonder if Ezra D. Godwin, mention as a child in the 1880 Census you mention, could be the wife of Donna (or Donnie?)Catherine West, with a son, Paul Troy Godwin (21 Feb 1910-May 1973). Hmmm, a possibility. I'm looking at RootsWed WorldConnect, and the above Paul Troy Godwin married Pearl Elizabeth Manning, who fits into my Tart line.

  2. I hope you can share some information that will shed light on Silas West's status. You mentioned that Winnie Barefoot married a negro slave, Silas West. I wonder if you could share your source on his slave status; I have been researching Silas and Winnie as they are my ggrandparents but I've not seen documentation that he was enslaved. Any info you could share would be appreciated. BTW Winnie is the daughter of Clarka/Clarkie Barefoot, father UNK. Thanks much!

    1. I thought that Silas West was an Indian. I have seen his name many times among Indian genealogy... some of these free people and slaves are Indians...a lot of them are or mixed. Even some of the early settlers...had Indian mothers and european fathers. Especially in Sampson...Johnston county area...many!

    2. Yes...Silas was a Tuscarora. His name is among many in my families oral history. His native origin comes from the same people that lived on the Bentonville Battle ground 4 Oaks/Willis Coles plantation area. That place is on the Johnston/Sampson county line. Today part of their old homeland is a boyscout camp called Camp Tuscarora. Next to the camp the Bentonville Battle Ground has a museum with the first floor dedicated to the Tuscarora Indian people that lived there. On the census if you look at Free Peoples and head of house holds from 1820 right until the end of the Civil War is a family by the name of Blackwell. They predate the Civil War and 4 Oaks. Just about any "Free Colored" in Johnston co...will have a connection to this family that lived on the Nuese. Some of them were slaves. Some of the women married into or had children by white plantation owners...like John Smith...some Sanders and Monks from Newton Grove. Many of the Cole slaves were from the Blackwell family. Hinton Cole...Marinda and Martha Cole were slaves that came from the Blackwells. Emma Sanders and Indian slave in Smithfield also was from the Blackwells. Brian Smith of Smithfield, is the son of John Smith plantation owner and an Indian woman who came from the Blackwells. This was once a community that got absorbed into many families white and black. My mothers family comes from this connection and we are still very much Tuscarora. The oral history that has been passed down from my Blackwells is that we were from that place and are the descendants that fought in the big Indian War on the Nuese. They are refering to the Tuscarora War. I am not sure if there is any connection to the Sampson County Indians or not. Although I know many of them...I have met a few that have some common kin that tie back to Newton Grove. The Blackwells were removed from their land, right before the Civil war ended. Nobody knows what happened to the adults...but the children were all split apart and placed in homes of mostly white families in Newton Grove. Barefoots, Godwins, Westbrooms, Hudson's, House, McLambs and more.... Some of the Blackwell families have kin that were on the Sanders...Smith....Coles....Whitley and Monk plantations working as slaves. This is what I can share with you without having paper in front of me. Hope this helps....

    3. Thanks for sharing your story Pura! It really helps to put the families and the history into context!

  3. Hi Alice,
    The death certificate of Silas and Winnie's son, Nathaniel West, said that Silas was a Negro Slave next to Father's birthplace. I would be happy to send you a copy of the Death Certificate if you send me your email address or you can download from Ancestry.com.

  4. Negro was a term also used for any slave whether they were of Indian or Afrikan or mixed blood origin. Indians were not allowed to Identify as such...as in 1790 Indian slavery was abolished...and all of those who were Indian that were enslaved were labeled Negro...Black... Mullato or Colored...depending on the year...different labels were given. Never will you see on a census that they were Indians. Their identity was wiped out. Like paper genocide. That is why "Free People of Color" communities was invented. Hiding them from being Indigenous was what was done. A good majority of those "Free People of Color" community peoples of that area...are the descendants of Tuscarora people that lived there and were colonized...enslaved and then given free colored peoples status. Through oral history...Silas West was an Indian man/negro slave was his status.

  5. In one of your other posts you mention Phereby and not knowing her last name. Enoch Godwin was my great, great grandfather on my mothers side. His daughter Frances was my great grandmother. She was married to George Moore Lee and his father was Martin or Thomas Martin Lee. Martin had a sister named Phereby and in some records it is spelled fereby.

  6. I've been trying to find history of my ggrandparents Mayberry and Line godwin

  7. Hi I'm looking for history on my ggparents Mayberry and Line Godwin from the NC area whitesville hallsboro any information will help thanks.

  8. I've been trying to find history of my ggrandparents Mayberry and Line godwin