Sunday, May 15, 2011

NGS – Last Day and Return Trip Home

I know I only posted a couple days’ worth of messages about the conferences’ classes and the fun times we had, but trust me – and I know you know me by now and know that I WILL give you in depth detailed information about the lectures I attended – eventually – but for now I wanted to write a little reflection before I get caught up in all of the technical mumbo jumbo about all the research, writing, and genealogical skills that are filling up my head right now.

Let me start off by reiterating that I HAD A BLAST.  I cannot emphasize that enough. But you want to know why? Well the speakers were knowledgeable and accessible first of all, and they talked about topics of interest to me and they highlighted topics that I had not encountered before or often wondered about. Their case studies also offered more practical “hands on” experience for me to hone my skills with and to see how I matched up with the folks around me. The exhibit hall booth vendors were likewise friendly and helpful and always up for making new friends. Here is a photo of Dear MYRTLE and I:

I LOVED having genealogy buddies to meet up with, sit with during lectures, ask about which speakers were funny and informative and which ones would put you to sleep; which lectures were up to par with my skill set and which ones were more for the beginner genealogists. Here we are between classes taking a breather:

Photo from L-R: Linda McCauley from Documenting the Details, Cherie Cayemberg from Have You Seen My Roots?, me, Liz Tapley-Matthews from My Tapley Tree and its Branches.

And of course, what conference would be complete without having at least ONE lecture together on the last day?

“Blogger Row…”

Photo: Jennifer Woods from Climbing My Family Tree, her daughter, and I

Photo:  Linda McCauley from Documenting the Details and Cherie Cayemberg from Have You Seen My Roots? and Jennifer Woods. 

Photo: Greta Koehl from Greta’s Genealogy Bog and I.

And yes, that is technology sitting on their laps and in their hands. I was technology free today so that my phone and computer could be fully charged on the 5 hour trip home. Speaking of my trip home…I am so thankful for my car pool mates, the Eliases who are members of my local genealogical society and neighbors. Although we stayed in separate hotels during the conference, they picked me up each morning and dropped me off each evening. We ate lunch and dinner together. I got to ride in their electric car on the trip to and from Charleston. It gets 50 miles to the gallons!

Here is a picture of the Eliases with NGS President Ann Hilke:

And of course, as I’ve mentioned, we met several other members of our local genealogical society along the way. This is Dan Durham from Lacey, WA:

Well today was a full day of classes, the sealing of several friendships, and a long drive home. But I made it. I survived my first week-long National genealogical conference. I leave you with this photo that was taken in Florence, South Carolina:

And don’t worry, I have more posts to come. I’m not sure when, but it will be soon.

All photos copyright of Ginger R. Smith, 13 May 2011.


  1. Sure can tell you had a great time! Enjoyed your post and pictures!

  2. Thanks Cheryl! I sure did! I can barely put it in words!

  3. Ginger, it was fantastic to finally meet you. I really hope that we will meet up at another conference.

  4. I Greta, it was great to meet you too! Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about the LaRue family. Will send you info soon!