Tuesday, May 17, 2011

ftDNA kits stuck at Post Office

If you returned your DNA kit back to ftDNA after the 1st of May, like many of us did, and you are still waiting to be notified that ftDNA has received your kit, you may be waiting for a while. First class postage rates on packages other than letters increased after the 1st of the month. ftDNA did not alert its patrons of this change, so many of us sent our packages back with the recommended $1.22 postage rate which satisfied the old rate. According to the new rate increase, the package should now cost approximately $1.71.

So if you mailed your kit back to ftDNA and only put $1.22 on it, then it is probably stuck at the post office along with hundreds of other kits. ftDNA is working to remedy this situation, however, and should have the kits delivered soon.

Photo copied from the Shankland DNA Project

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