Thursday, May 26, 2011

My Family Finder DNA Kit was Received at ftDNA

I guess the Post Office finally decided to deliver my kit to ftDNA afterall! I got an email yesterday saying that ftDNA had received my DNA kit and results are pending. Expected date of results being posted is July 20, 2011. I can't wait! 

Here's the email I got from ftDNA yesterday telling me my kit had been received: 

From: ""

To: grs3275 at yahoo dot com
Sent: Wednesday, May 25, 2011 9:01 PM
Subject: FTDNA Kit Received

Your Family Tree DNA test kit xxxxxx for Ginger R Smith was received today.

You may follow the progress of your test by logging in to your myFTDNA account through our home page,, with your kit xxxxxx and password xxxxxx. We recommend recording your kit number and password in a safe place, or keeping this email. You will also be sent additional notices as your test results are posted.

Our help pages have the answers to questions about the DNA testing process and test results.

You may also join the Family Tree DNA community in our forums.

Follow the link below to access your myFTDNA account.
Your Kit Number is xxxxxx

Thank you for testing at Family Tree DNA,
Family Tree DNA
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I then logged in to my newly created account and entered the surnames of my 16 2nd great-grandparents. 

This will enable my matches to identify common surnames between us. The Family Finder test is designed to match you up with 5th cousins but the FAQs say it also allows matching back 5 generations. So I'm a bit confused by this. 5th cousins share the same set of 4th great-grandparents. But 5 generations back share the same 2nd great-grandparents. Either way, so far I added all 16 of my 2nd great-grandparents' surnames. It's a start! 

I can't wait to start seeing my matches!!! This will be a fun summer project :-) Happy Dance!


  1. Thank you for the heads up on the delay. I think the backlog may be lifted, as I received confirmation for three outstanding test kits this week. Now the waiting game begins...

  2. How exciting!! I really want to get mine done. I'm looking forward to seeing what matches you might find!

  3. Hi Amy, yeah, I got confirmation on a cousin's 37 Y test back too, but only 25 markers posted. Kind of bummed because there was a um..."mutation" on one marker. Silly me had told her that her Father's DNA would be a perfect match to my grandfather's. Oops!

  4. Jennifer, I'm really excited. I can't wait. Results aren't due back until 7/20/11 but I'm sure they will come back sooner. I can't believe how popular this Family Finder test has become and how many people are doing it. I would definitely wait until they have a sale though. $289 is way too high!!!

  5. Ginger, It is possible to find 5th cousins (and even further back) using Family Finder, however FTDNA usually only "advertises" 5 generations. This is because once you get past 3rd cousins, the odds of detecting a genetic relationship drop dramatically. About 90% of 3rd cousins will inherit enough DNA to be detectable by FF, but only about 50% of 4th cousins will show a match. You can see the percentages on my blog here:
    However, because of the random nature of autosomal inheritance, most of us have been finding that many of our matches are further back than predicted, so to be proactive, you really need to add some more surnames to that list. :-)
    It is a real thrill when you confirm a familial relationship with a DNA match!
    Have fun with it and best of luck,

  6. Thanks CeCe! I will be sure to add more distant surnames to my list!