Friday, April 27, 2007

WILLIAMS family, Granville Co., NC

Today I combed through the Granville Co., NC usgenweb files looking for information on the Williams family. My ancestor, Henry Williams, was not from Granville Co.; he was from Caswell Co., NC. However, his father, Daniel Williams lived in Granville Co., NC along with many of Henry's siblings.

Here is what I found:

  • Marriage record of Charles Williams to Hannah Clewall, 23 Feb 1797; This Charles Williams was probably a son of William Williams and is mentioned in his will.

  • Revolutionary War Pension files for Samuel F. Williams, son of William Williams, and Solomon Williams.

  • History of Granville Co., NC including Judge Henderson and John Williams. This Williams - Henderson connection intrigued me because Daniel Williams married Ursula Henderson.

  • Orphan accounts of Granville Co., NC: Elinor Armsby to Daniel and Ursula Williams to learn housewifery, 22 Mar 1759; Samuel Wheeler to James Williams to learn carpentry, 21 Mar 17589.

All of this information was copied and saved to my "Daniel Williams.doc" file.


  1. Could you help me understand the last bullet "Orphan accounts .... Ursula Williams to LEARN HOUSEWIFERY"? Thank you

  2. Hi Robin, this means that Elinor Armsby was most likely taken in by Daniel and Ursula Williams and that Ursula, the woman of the house, taught the young Elinor how to take care of the house. She might have helped to take care of the other children in the house, she might have helped with the laundry, cooking, etc. And when she was ready to marry, she would be ready to take care of her own house. I hope this helps.