Friday, October 7, 2011

Follow Friday - October 7, 2011

I've been very slack in participating in the Follow Friday meme, mostly because I really just don't get the chance to 1) read many genealogy blogs and 2) write on my own blog; but as I was driving in to work today I thought of some sites I had read and stuff I had read about in the past couple of weeks that had an impact on my research or piqued my general genealogy interest and I thought I would share with my readers.

Journey Through the Hallowed Ground

First of all, I followed along with blogger Liz Tapley of My Tapley Tree during her trip Through the Hallowed Ground, a 180-mile traverse of scenic highway through history and time from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania to Frederick County, Maryland. Liz is a big Civil War buff and this trip was an opportunity for her to see all the places where significant battles and events took place; there was also some Colonial period history mixed in there as well. I was totally jealous I did not get to go along, but felt like I was there through her words and pictures.

Indirect Evidence

If you want to know what all the hype is about Indirect Evidence, then check out some of the these blog posts: From Michael Hait's Planting the Seeds Blog, My First Encounter with Indirect Evidence; Claudia Breland's In Which I First Encounter Indirect Evidence; and Harold Henderson's post on Indirect Evidence to the Rescue. My own take home from all of this is that a document should not be discounted or thrown out just because it does not explicitly state that someone was a direct relationship to someone else.

Family Tree Maker 2012 and TreeSync

Back in August I started reading Randy Seaver's posts here and here about Family Tree Maker 2012 and its new TreeSync feature (These were posts about his experience syncing with the Beta version). Click here to start reading about his experience with the released version). Tamura Jones also kept on top of the news with his posts on What's New in Family Tree Maker 2012? FTM's Beta Experience,  and TreeSync's Limitations, I learned that Russ Worthington was blogging on the Family Tree Maker User Blog and found some interesting posts there on how to use FTM 2012 and how to access new features.

Direct Lineage Reports

In her post No Lineage Charts on Family Tree Maker 2012? Heather Wilkinson Rojo presented a direct lineage report that she used to be able to create in FTM 2006, but has been unable to create in later versions of FTM. She stressed the importance of this report when filing applications to lineage societies like Mayflower, DAR, or Colonial Dames which require a report of each generation, BMD data and spouse data (along with spouse BMD data). The closest available reports in both FTM and similar genealogy software are outline reports, however they include sibling data which is not required for lineage societies. Russ Worthington offered a way to do this with FTM which entails creating a new database, deleting the siblings, then creating the Outline Descendant Report. Midge Frazel offered a similar suggestion for using Rootsmagic and their Direct Descendant Report.

This was enough to keep me busy and entertained. I will look forward to reading all the posts about how people will find their way around FTM 2012 and the new TreeSync feature. There is also a lot of discussion about how to manage trees online, but that's in Google+ and can't exactly be shared here. You have to be in certain "circles" to be privy to that information!

Photo Credits:
1. Photo of ff from ibevymay
2. Photo of Liz Tapley from her blog, My Tapley Tree


  1. Hey, Ginger, this was a surprise! Thanks for mentioning my post about lineage reports. It generated a ton of comments on FB, but only a few on G+. I guess I'm not privy to the right circles, LOL!

  2. Hi Heather, you are welcome. I am really enjoying the interaction between google+ and FB. I think since Google+ came along people are getting more comfortable leaving comments and interacting more. Linda has a long comment post going right now about online trees on Google+. We just can't leave it alone can we? I was a bit disappointed we still have to create a new database, delete siblings, then run the report, but if that's the only way that works, then so be it!