Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I'm an Official Blogger at FGS Conference 2011!!!

I just got word that I have been elected an Official Blogger at the FGS Conference in Springfield, Illinois in September 2011 “Pathways to the Heartland.” I’m really excited about this opportunity for many reasons:

1.       This is my first FGS Conference
2.       This is my first time as an “Official Blogger.”
3.       I’m very excited to be joining other great geneabloggers – you can see the complete list here:  - Some are even coming from as far away as California!
4.       I’m excited to visit Illinois where some of my ancestors came from and to check out their local resources!

So what does this mean?

As an “Official Blogger” I will be:

  • bringing news to you in the weeks before the event
  • highlighting conference events during my stay in Illinois, including lectures, regional resources, and exhibition events
  • wrapping up with lessons learned, information gleaned, ideas shared, etc after the conference

It is my intention that the folks at home will be able to share this experience alongside with me. Stay tuned for all the updates.

And many thanks to The Federation of Genealogical Societies and the Illinois State Genealogical Society for this opportunity! 


  1. Congrats, Ginger! I can't wait to see the posts. I'm very excited for you!

  2. Thanks Cheryl! I'm pretty excited too! I can't wait to see what an FGS conference is all about too :-)

  3. Congratulations, Ginger! That is awesome! Can't wait to read your posts!! It gives me hope for next year's conference!!

  4. Thanks Liz, I sure wish you were coming! But maybe I will join you in Birmingham too in 2012! I should be graduated by then XXXX

  5. Congratulations! I can't wait to read about your experiences.