Wednesday, June 29, 2011

FGS Luncheon Tickets Still Available

Do you hate to wait in that long line or fight the crowds at the concession stand for lunch each day at the conference?
Do you want a high-quality meal that comes with a salad, entree, and dessert?
Do you want to listen and learn from a long list of great speakers who are experts in the fields of genealogy, family history, writing, etc?
Do you want to network with other genealogists, speakers, and writers?

Then an FGS Conference Luncheon is the place for you!

Each day of the conference offers up to 4 different lunch options to choose from. The luncheons are a great opportunity to take advantage of at least once during the conference. I didn't sign up for any luncheons when I was at NGS in Charleston, however, I did receive the opportunity to attend one. It was so nice to just waltz right in, find a seat at a table, introduce myself and start talking to my neighbors about their research interests, where they were from, how they were enjoying the conference, etc. I didn't have to spend half my lunch hour waiting in line or looking for a place to sit or people to sit with. It was very relaxing and I had a lengthy conversation with my neighbor about whether he really needed to start using Facebook. I shared my experiences and he shared his concerns.

I definitely plan on attending at least one luncheon at FGS this year! Of course the hard part is choosing which ones to attend! And from what I hear, they are filling up fast! You can sign up for luncheons from now until the conference starts by using your pin number you are assigned when you sign up for the conference. But they are filling up fast!

To see a list of speakers and the menus being offered, click through each day's schedule of the program brochure.

Cheesecake anyone???

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