Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Louise Benson & James Putman Lasiter Sr

These are a couple of pictures of my great-grandparents, Thelma Louise Benson and James Putman Laister Sr. Louise Benson was the oldest of eight children born to Barney and Eva Mae Dennis Benson 1 January 1912 in Avant, Oklahoma. She was an educated woman who finished High School before marrying James "Put" Lasiter in 1932. James Lasiter I believe was an only child born to James Franklin Lasiter and Rosalie Putman 20 November 1908 in Oklahoma. Louise and Put had three children, a boy and two girls born before 1940. They moved to Fort Smith, Arkansas and Put got a job with the local newspaper.

I chose these two pictures because they portray the couple at the beginning of their life together and towards the end of their life together. I never met my great-grandfather Put. He passed in 1974 of heart failure, just two years before I was born. My great-grandmother Louise, lived another 20 years after Put passed away.

The first picture looks like one of those photos that is developed in one or two colors and then has the actual colors added in with a paintbrush or colored pencil. I love how my great-grandfather's blue eyes stand out of the photo. My great-grandmother's hair was red, but I don't remember her having blue eyes too.

These photos are privately held by me, Ginger R. Smith. I obtained this collection in September 2009 from my Mother who got them from her mother when she died in 2003.

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