Sunday, May 17, 2009

Saving genealogy photos

This is the word table that I create to index and organize the photos I get from other people. This table illustrates a collection of photos I received from David Campbell. I can open this Word doc and look at the description of a particular photo I am interested in.

Notice the column under "file name" is blank - I have not figured out how to name my photos yet. And I have not decided if I am going to continue to use this Word Doc table as an indexing system for my photo files.

Another cousin of mine sent me some photos so I named them all with a simple convention using the initials of their name because I didn't really know right away who the people in the photos were or what their relationship was to my family. Nor did I know the dates or places where the photos were taken. I just wanted to make sure I knew who sent me the pictures. I also use this convention because sometimes I want to share the photo with another cousin, post online to an online family tree site, or use in a blog - I always ask permission from the owner of the photo before I do this. So I called them simply "BPU_001" - The BPU are the initials of the person who sent me the photos.

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