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Finding the Heirs of Etheldred Godwin - Part 2

This is part 2 in a series of posts about our journey of finding out who the children of Etheldred Godwin were. In post 1, we learned that Dred Godwin moved from North Carolina to Clay Co., Indiana about 1830 and he was enumerated on the 1830 Clay County Indiana census report and the 1840 and 1850 census reports for Putnam County, Indiana. In 1830 Dred Godwin had 8 children living in the household - 4 boys and 4 girls; In 1840, he had 6 children - 3 boys and 3 girls - the oldest boy and girl had probably moved out by this time. In 1850, there were 3 "children" living in the household. Dred's wife was not listed, so she had probably died between 1840 and 1850.

Here is the entry for Etheldred Godwin on the 1850 Washington Township, Putnam County, IN census report:

Dwelling no. 250/Family no. 250
Line no. 32 - Etheldred Godwin, 76 years,
old, male, Farmer, Value of Real Estate owned - $400, born in North Carolina,
cannot read or write
Line no. 33 - Margaret Godwin, 21 years old,female,
born in North Carolina, cannot read or write
Line no. 34 - Scion Godwin, 19
years old, male, born in Indiana
Line no. 35 - Joshua Godwin, 26 years old,
male, born in North Carolina, Cannot read or write
This census report was important because it gave us three additional Godwins to research in Indiana - Joshua, Scion, and Margaret.

Additional Facts about Joshua Godwin:

Could not be found on any census reports. According to the 1850 census report, he was born about 1824 in North Carolina. There are no marriage records for him in Indiana.

Additional Facts about Margaret Godwin:

On Jan 18th, 1853, Margaret Godin married George W Scavins in Putnam Co., IN

They were enumerated on the 1860 Parke Co., IN census report with children Michael, Joshua, James, and Sarah (Sylvia). [ has them indexed under George "Sarings"].

Margaret Sabin was enumerated on the 1880 census report in Larimer County, Colorado in Livermore township with her children (she was widowed), "nephew" Solomon Thomas, and "brother" Cyon Gadwin. Margaret's marital status was "widow," however, her husband, George Sabins evidently left Margaret and her children for another woman.

--This census report indicates that Cyon Godwin and Margaret (Godwin) Sabin were siblings

--It also provides clues about a nephew, Solomon Thomas - could he be the son of one of Margaret's sisters?

Additional Facts about Scion/Cyon Godwin:
Things we already know about him:

Listed on the 1850 Putnam Co., IN census report at home with sister Margaret Godwin

Listed on the 1880 Larimer Co., CO census report in household of his sister, Margaret Godwin

Sion/Cyon Godwin was also found living with another family - that of Jonathan and Sarah Godden - in Boone County, Iowa:

In 1854, Sion "Godden" was listed on the Boone Co., Iowa State census report next door to Jonathan Godden.

In 1856, Scion "Godden" was listed on the Boone Co., Iowa State Census report in the household of Jonathan and Sarah Godden. An older gentleman, Enoch Godden, aged 83, born in North Carolina, was also living in the household.

An interesting tidbit of information about Jonathan and Sarah - On August 27th, 1844, Jonathan Godwin married Sarah Godwin in Putnam County, Indiana. Perhaps they were cousins?

The Enoch Godwin mentioned above who was living in Jonathan and Sarah Godden's household, was enumerated on the 1840 Clay County (Jackson township), Indiana census report - he was the male between 60 and 70 years old (born between 1770 and 1780) - with 3 male children, and 1 female child, and 1 female between 60 and 70 years of age (Enoch's wife) - living in the household.

--could this Enoch Godwin have been a brother to our Etheldred and Nathan Godwin?

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