Friday, February 20, 2009

Hudson/Godwin Research Goals

In and earlier post, I talked about the family of Nathan and Lorena (Hudson) Godwin of Lowndes Co., AL. My grandfather's DNA was a 100% match to this line of Godwins who were originally from North Carolina. My long term goal is to find out what the relationship between the Godwin and Hudson families of Randolph and/or Sampson Co., NC was, and also to determine who were the parents of Lorena Hudson who married Nathan Godwin.

To recap, here are my GOALS for working on this line:

1. Enter all Hudson families listed on census reports for 1790-1840 in FTM and compile in a word document and on printed census forms - UPDATE 2/20/09: added to FTM, Word Doc, and Census forms; printed and saved in Hudson folder on my PC

2. Enter deed, estate, court, land, and will records I've collected from the Archives into a separate Hudson excel database including Sampson and Randolph Counties, NC. Enter these records into FTM software: UPDATE 2/20/09 - 2/24/09: This project has been ongoing. I pulled all the Johnston, Sampson, and Randolph County, NC Hudson family records and put them in a new worksheet in my NC excel file. All Randolph County records have been entered into FTM database as sources and notes. I am not quite sure what to do with my Rockingham, Hyde, Sampson and Johnston Co., NC records yet. I could create new entries for each of them in my FTM software or I can just attach the information as notes to my existing Randolph Co Hudson records. I believe there is severe overlap between Sampson and Randolph Counties. I will need to obtain copies of the original deeds to see if there are any instances mentioned where Nathan Hudson "of Randolph Co" sold land in Sampson Co, indicating Nathan Hudson lived in both Sampson and Randolph Counties during his lifetime, or inherited land from a relative who lived in one or the other of the counties.

3. Contact the descendant of this line who submitted their DNA to get additional information.

4. Contact other researchers of this line.

5. Obtain all wills and estate records for Hudson families of Randolph and Sampson Co., NC and look for mention of Lorena Hudson. UPDATE 2/20/09: there are no wills in Randolph Co., NC with the Hudson/Hutson surname, however there are a few in Sampson Co., NC that I can pull next time I visit the archives.

6. Copy all Randolph Co., NC Hudson deed Grantors and Grantees (see printout of index) to excel database and FTM. - UPDATE 2/20/09, entered into excel worksheet and FTM as sources and notes.

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  1. Excellent job on stating your goals for particular families/lines - this is something I need to do (instead of just writing down random "notes to self" all over the place).