Thursday, September 25, 2014

New Family Tree Tool for ftDNA

FamilyTreeDNA new Family Tree button

A couple of weeks ago, FamilyTreeDNA (ftDNA) revamped their family tree tool on their website. You can access your family tree by clicking on the "Family Tree" button in the middle of your profile page.

The new family tree tool has the same search functions, but is supposed to be more interactive. You can now upload a GEDcom that contains collateral lines in addition to your direct line ancestors, which might be helpful in determining where your matches fit into your tree. You can also add people to your tree from within the Family Tree tool.

These are all good improvements. But there are some limitations with this new tool.

Here's a look at the new Family Tree tool on ftDNA:

You can see me in the center and my parents above linked to me. I have uploaded a profile photo, so you can see that too.

When I click on my photo I get two options: 1) to add a relationship and 2) to view profile.

If I click on Add a Relationship, I am given the option to add a Spouse, Sibling, Son, or Daughter or to Go Back. I don't have anyone to add at this time, so I will click the Go Back button.

If I click on the View Profile link, it opens a box with information about me including my most distant ancestors, surnames, and ethnic profile (called "Shared Origins" here). There is an envelop icon used to email me.

I can click the edit link above this box to edit my profile. I added my place of birth to my profile. Then I clicked the Save button.

I can add notes to the Story box of my profile as well.

If you have other relatives who tested with ftDNA, and they are a match to you, and they are listed in your Family Tree, there will be a little pink or purple link icon beside their name. You can click on that icon to link that relative to your Family Tree.

Click the Link button to link that relative to your tree.  You will get a message telling you that linking to this person's profile will update their biographical information and you will be asked to proceed. Click the Link Button.

My mother is now linked to my Family Tree. My mother's circle now has the blue Family Finder box filled in.

You can also click on the little link icon on the bottom right of your page for other possible matches. The system found additional matches to my father and his parents. I think this feature is still being worked on because nothing happened when I clicked on their name.

The new Family Tree Tool is still pretty quirky and ftDNA is doing their best to make it an exceptional experience for their users. I have included some informative links below as well as information on how to upload your GEDcom and how to change your privacy settings.

Additional Resources: 

ftDNA webinar: Introduction of the new Family Tree Tool

ftDNA has a set of instructions for use of the new Family Tree Tool here.

There is a new thread to discuss the new Family Tree tool at ftDNA. Please feel free to join the discussion by leaving comments and suggestions here.

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