Friday, April 8, 2011

Final Episode of Who Do You Think You Are?

Who Do You Think You Are?

Tonight NBC aired the last episode of Who Do You Think You Are? with Ashley Judd.  It was a really interesting and educational episode and kept my attention the entire time.  I'm really sad that it's over though.

I've grown to love and look forward to my quiet Friday nights at home in front of the TV with my "pop" (From Lorine at Olive Tree Genealogy Blog) and my leftovers for dinner. I also like to follow along with the comraderie and conversation about the show over in Twitter.

I have my Tweetdeck open on one side of my laptop and I pull up a search for the show's hashtag #WDYTYA to follow along and then I have Facebook open in the other window so I can delete my Tweets that automatically post to Facebook and clog people's news feeds.

Tonight's episode featured Ashley Judd and her Civil War ancestor Elijah Hensley from Kentucky who entered the service at the young age of 15 and was a prisoner of war twice and who had his leg amputated on the battlefield!!! They used's Civil War records to find him ( is allowing FREE access to its new Civil War Records from April 7-14th).

Then we met Joshua Taylor at the New England Historic Genealogical Society to discover her BREWSTER Mayflower ancestor who had been imprisoned in England for religious reasons!!! He managed to sneak out of England, get aboard the Mayflower and make his way to New England.

I think Ashley was impressed by the "rights" her ancestors had to fight for, even to the point of imprisonment.  How many of us can say we had an ancestor who went to jail for what he believed in? She had 2!!!

Now we just have to figure out what we are going to do with our Friday nights for the rest of the summer, until Who Do You Think You Are? starts back up again!


  1. Did you see any proof that Elijah Hensley was her ancestor other than "Granny said so"??? Was this poor genealogy practice at best???

  2. Hi, I think I kind of missed that part they got to his name. This episode happened so fast to me..Maybe I will go back and watch it again :-)