Friday, March 4, 2011

A new Genealogy Friend!

So these past couple of weeks have been kind of frustrating for me. Last weekend I went to the State Archives and had some fun pulling records and copying them, then scanning and (adding the transcription part to my ever growing to-do list). I brought a friend with me (you can read about our trip here) and showed her the ropes around the Archives and watched as she got really excited about learning how to research one’s family history at an archives institution (oh yeah and reading all those really old documents!)
My friend has since then collected some of her family history materials and started her family tree on and already is asking questions about the stuff that “went down” in her family. Her excitement has led to my excitement. My response simply was, “uh oh, you’re gonna be addicted before you know it.”
I am a little green with envy because right now she has more time to spend on researching her family history than I do.  And she has a strong background in courthouse research from her paralegal education training! Who would have thought she’d be applying it to family history research! But the green envy monster aside, I’m so glad to have a new-found genealogy/family history “friend” to putz around with and bounce ideas with back and forth.
I just wish I could turn this into a full time endeavor…you know, be a “genealogist for hire…” specializing in North Carolina records…but could that really pay for the mortgage? And health insurance? Oh yeah and finish putting me through school…ah sigh…we shall see ;-)


  1. Hooray for you! It's so much more fun to have someone who is actually interested in what you are doing that you can share the excitement with. Doesn't it just beat the deer in the headlights look we get from most people when we get excited about our family history?

  2. I think among those of us who are the biggest genealogy addicts, we act like real addicts in that we really like to get other people addicted - you'd think genealogy is dope or something!

  3. Michelle - it's very nice to be able to talk to someone who actually knows what I'm talking about and then they can say, "oh yeah, maybe I can try that too!"

    Greta - hmm...maybe we should start charging...

  4. Do you think you could go into more detail about "showing the ropes" of the Archives sometime? I hope to get there this summer and would appreciate any tips! Thanks.

  5. The 'genealogy bug' is one bug I am willing to share. It is kinda fun to watch others come down with it :-)
    ps thank you very much for the lovely blog nomiation!

  6. Theresa, you are very welcome for the award :-)

  7. Ginger, I don't think it would take that much for you to study for the test to get your professional genealogist certificate. There are many people willing to pay, especially when they hit brick walls. Interesting thought for you, because you are so organized in your research.