Sunday, January 9, 2011

Genealogy Goals for January 2011

So I didn't get as much done over the Christmas break as I had hoped. But I did start a couple of things that I hope to finish in January. I thought I would share them here:

1) To scan all of the genealogy documents that my cousin Richard sent me on the Binns and Brooks sides of my family and enter the information into my genealogy database

2) To enter all of the Binns, Anthony, and Pye names references from the Wilkes County Georgia books I copied from the Library into my excel spreadsheet. Determine the major Binns family lines in Wilkes Co. GA

3) To read Christine Rose's Courthouse Research for Family Historians: Your Guide to Genealogical Treasures book

4) Get back to working with some cousins on James Godwin Sr and Jr (not necessarily father and son) of North Carolina, including putting all relevant documents online on the Wiki site

5) Continue evaluating some Family Finder DNA test results of some Godwin relatives

Here's a toast to typing up loose ends!

Photo courtesy of D Sharon Pruitt 

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  1. Genealogy goals are tough. It's hard to set tasks in advance, when the research has a life of its own and leads where it leads.