Monday, September 27, 2010

Motivation Monday

Just a quick blog post to say no, I haven't been hiding.  I've been reading reading and more reading for class class and more class.  I got a little bit stressed out last week, but I nipped it in the butt when I knocked out a bunch of reading on Friday night and I was able to pop in on Miriam's Scanfest on Sunday!


I've been fighting with RootsMagic4. It's not as nice as everyone made it out to be. At least not for me. When I imported it from Family Tree Maker 2009, all of the sources disconnect from the person's names. A nice person from the RootsMagic user group mailing list took my database and put it back together again and reattached the sources.  Of course now I can't run my narrative reports because the footnotes that are created from all of the sources that are attached to each name is crashing the software. Sigh. Strike 2. However, I am liking the correspondence and repository list and reporting system that RM4 has to offer. Has this been implemented in Family Tree Maker yet?

Godwin DNA Project....

I joined the Goodwin/Godwin family Surname DNA project as a co-coordinator last month and am slowly getting my feet wet and working my way around the reporting system.  We have a LOT of DNA participants. I am trying to get everyone in order and pedigrees posted and arranged before I start another big recruiting process. Last year I recruited 4 or 5 people and that was enough to send me into shock with trying to analyze and compare paper trails and results and figure out mutations and all that jazz. I juggled with the idea of attending the ftDNA conference in Houston at the end of October, however registration has already closed. It would have been an expensive trip anyways. Instead, I decided to go to the Family History Expo in Atlanta in November.

Genealogical Society...

I'm still pulling teeth with my local genealogical society. They have agreed to let me put up a facebook page, however I have not had time to do so.  We have secured Colleen Fitzpatrick as a speaker at next month's meeting. I'm really looking forward to hearing her speak and meeting her! I'm debating whether or not to run for office. They really have a lot of stuff to do to get back into the swing of things, although I'm still proud of what they have been able to accomplish so far this year.


I haven't blogged much at all. I've got the blogger blues because it seems like no matter what I do - participate in memes, comment on other people's blogs, and follow their blogs, I still feel like no one is reading my blog posts. Although I am at least getting a couple of comments a week, which is great. Finally. I couldn't even get that before! It's not an egotistical thing going on, I assure you. Sometimes I simply like to have input. Sometimes I wonder if the information I'm posting is completely wrong. Like the DNA stuff. I discuss it with experts beforehand, but I still lack confidence that what I'm posting is 100% true. It's nice to have others to bounce ideas off of. Oh well, I'll get off my soapbox now. I'm gonna go back to blogging for me now.  So I'm in this Public History class - by the way - it reminds me that Public History is what I really want to be studying - and not necessarily Library studies, although LS can certainly be a key aspect of the field.... Anyways, my Professor secured a grant to build this interactive website, a kind of blog, in which there is text and clickable links and photos and videos and oral histories and such, that is linked to other university archives. I am very excited to be working on this project because it is what I like to do with my own blog. I have toyed with the idea of learning flash and learning how to jazz up my blog a bit. I was surprised, however, that out of the 30 or so undergraduate and graduate students in my class, only one person blogged and used Twitter, besides the Teacher and that person was me! I couldn't believe it! So it looks like I will get to stand out somehow after all at least in my class as a person who already knows how to blog!

Ok, well speaking of class, I need to get back to it. Thanks for reading.


  1. That is interesting that you are having problems with RootsMagic. I am in love with the program.

    Perhaps, it is something to do with your previous program of FTM. Try to export a GEDCOM and then put it into RM. See if that fixes the source and narrative report problems. Hopefully that will help.

    And I can totally relate when it comes to reading for classes. I feel like all I do anymore is homework and study. I don't even have time for blogging - and by the time I have the time, my brain is so fried that I don't know what to write about.

  2. I appreciate and enjoy your blog postings, Ginger. Sorry I haven't communicated that in a "comment" section. I just am a more private person, and maybe others out there are the same, of just too busy, or just don't think to say "Thanks"

    Have a great week!


  3. Motivation Monday is a good idea for a meme. Perhaps I can get motivated enough to try it, too?

  4. It was good to get to "meet" you at Scanfest!

  5. Hi Elyse,

    It turned out to be that Family Tree Maker calls its fact name for a person's name a "Name" fact and when it imported the GEDCOM, this fact got lost as did the sources attached to it.

    As far as the reports go, I just had too much stuff in my source boxes and RM can not handle creating the footnotes and attaching them to the bottom of a page - I guess there is just too much formatting involved.

    I hope you are doing well in school. Are your classmates blogging and Tweeting? Thanks for commenting

  6. Sue, thank you for reading and commenting. I appreciate your input so much!

    Heather, I saw this meme title on someone's blog a couple of weeks ago. It really kicked me in the butt and reminded me that I needed to get in gear!

    Michelle, It was nice to meet you too! There were a lot of newbies there :-) Conversations and the company was great!

    Thanks for all the comments gals!

  7. I'm reading. I don't always comment because I can't always keep a timely manner...but I do read every post.

    One thing I've learned about blogging is that my motivation goes in streaks...sometimes I'm super-pumped to write, and other times I just feel uninspired. I'm trying to learn to write multiple posts when I'm feeling positive and have ideas, so I can stockpile them for the times when I'm just too busy.

    Another thing I've learned is that you never know which posts people will like. Sometimes I write something I've put a lot of though into, and...nothing. Other times I'll toss something out there when I'm in a goofy mood, and lo, here they all come. You just never know.

  8. Ginger, see all your comments, I bet a lot of us are reading you. But, I also wonder the same thing. Regarding Roots Magic, I'm also having problems with it, but it might be because I am so comfortable with FTM. So, we are in the same boat in these two aspects.
    Wow, you are the only college student doing both Twitter and blogging, that is a surprise.
    You are doing great, just keep it up, when you can.

  9. Hi Kerry,
    Thanks so much for reading and for commenting on my blog. It really means a lot to me. I'm not very good at keeping up to date on reading blogs either :( You are never know what people will like or be in the mood to read about!

  10. Barbara, Have you tried FTM 2010 or 11 yet? I bailed when the price went up to $40. RM was only $30 and I really really really liked the "to-go" feature, so I went with that.

    Wow, college students aren't twittering AND blogging? What are they blogging about then???

  11. I'm reading, too, Ginger. Thanks for dropping by at Scanfest...we enjoyed having you!

  12. Hi Ginger - I read your blog, too - haven't been commenting as much since we took a couple of trips this summer - still catching up at work, at home, and even in genealogy. We all seem to go through cycles - little to lots of blogging, genealogy, etc.

  13. Thanks Miriam! Scanfest was fun. Lots of new faces :-)

  14. Hi Greta, thanks for the insight. I'm feeling invigorated now, thanks ya'll!

  15. Ginger, I'm reading. I'm just not very good about leaving comments (but I'm trying to do better). I blame it on Google Reader. While it's great for following lots of blogs, it also makes it easier to just read and not take that extra step to actually go to a blog and leave a comment. (OK, I guess it's not Google Reader's fault that I'm too lazy to make an extra click or two.)

  16. You sound like a dedicated young lady. Being 62 I can say that ;) I like your frankness about the software. I agree with you that Public History would be interesting. Is your teacher non biased? Keep on going.

  17. I'm reading! I'm just way behind on said reading, so comments aren't as frequent.

    Very glad to hear you're coming to the Atlanta Family History Expo. There will be many bloggers there and everyone is like a big family. You're going to have a great time, I promise.

  18. Linda, I have the same problem with google reader and I made a vow to make that extra click. Plus I like the extra visual stimulus the real blog provides me and I like to read what other people say in their comments cuz I'm nosey like that ;-)

    Hummer, Thanks so much for reading! I am still trying to get into the Public History program at a sister school. In the meantime, LS is certainly keeping me busy!

    Amy, I was very excited to see that so many blogging friends will be attending the FH expo in Atlanta. I'm super excited! Can't wait to meet everybody!

  19. P.S. I forgot to add that RootsMagic will be in Atlanta and they are VERY helpful. Be sure to stop by their booth and get your questions answered.

  20. Amy, thanks for the heads up about Rootsmagic being in Atlanta in Nov. I will definitely stop by and say hello and see if they can help me.

  21. Hi Ginger,
    I saw your TGF email on Godwins, and remembered your blog, which I'm catching up on today. My Godwin line (from my great grandfather on) is Stephen Bowen Godwin (GA) -- Stephen K. Godwin (NC, GA) --Charles Silas Godwin (NC, GA) -- James Godwin (NC). Our Godwin results are in the Godwin DNA project. Your blog gave me a key deed (Silas Godwin to Henry Godwin) that helps me "prove" some of my line. Thanks, and I enjoy your format and topics so much! Also Lori Godwin from the DNA project, gave me a great tip that helped me "prove" Silas was the father of Stephen K. Godwin, so thanks for taking on the co-coord of that group.
    Sara Scribner

  22. We all feel that way sometimes, Ginger. Just because people aren't always commenting, doesn't mean they're not reading. The best thing is just to write for yourself. I figure if it wasn't for blogging, I'd probably never get half of my stories in writing.