Thursday, August 5, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday: Happy Birthday

This is a Birthday Card my great-grandmother Novi Peters Godwin gave to her son (my grandfather) Larry Godwin - she called him "Junior" - on his 6th birthday in 1940.

It doesn't look too different than any card we would buy today except I think card manufacturers stopped putting flowers on cards that were addressed to boys and the books have been replaced with video game consoles and sports memorabilia and dinosaurs.

In fact I'm surprised my grandfather still has this card as I wouldn't think it was very typical for boys to keep sentimental items such as cards and letters from their Moms. Of course it could have been his Mother who actually kept the card for him. And he found it amongst her belongings. I guess it's a question I should email to him soon...

Birthday card  privately held by Larry Godwin, Fort Smith, Arkansas. Digitally scanned by Ginger Smith 2005.

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