Friday, June 4, 2010

Funeral Card Friday: James E. Hribal

Funeral Card of James E Hribal, Rockport, Illinois, citing services on 20 December 1978; privately held by Jennie Lee (Godwin) Johnson, Rockport, Illinois. Funeral card mailed from Jennie Lee Johnson to her brother Larry Godwin of Fort Smith, Arkansas,  08 October 2008, then passed on to his granddaughter, Ginger R. Smith of Durham, North Carolina who digitized and returned the photos to Jennie via mail.

James Eugene Hribal was born December 10, 1958 in Rockford, Illinois to parents Jennie Lee Godwin and Richard "Dick" Hribal. He died December 16, 1978 in Rockford. He had just turned 20 years old. He and my mother were first cousins which would make him my first cousin once removed on my GODWIN side. His mother Jennie Lee (Godwin) Hribal Johnson is my grandfather, Larry Godwin's sister.

This post is part of a Monthly First Friday blogging theme suggested by Dee Akard Welborn. Dee encourages geneabloggers to highlight our funeral card collections on the first Friday of each month. 

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  1. Ginger, I read your blog over and over. Each time I get something new from it or it gives me new food for thought. I hope you don't take it down, because there is so much valuable info here. When I go to Alabama, maybe this trip I will have time to check out some records. Not sure how much time I will have. You inspire me. Have you ever gotten hold of Emily Smith mind just went blank of her married name..Morrow...that's her married name!...she is the teacher I told you about in Coal Hill...her father is a Smith and they thought they were the only ones left. She has some interesting stories, and was going to try to start picking her father's brain for info. Summer would be a good time to talk to her. I will try to find her mail addy and phone if you have lost it...I thought I sent it a long time ago. Cousin Linda