Friday, August 28, 2009

Godwin-Boykin DNA puzzle

Last week I got an email from someone who matched my grandfather's DNA on Her husband's surname is Boykin and my grandfather's surname is Godwin. My grandfather's Godwin DNA matches at least 8 other Godwin test participants, so I'm fairly certain he's really a Godwin. However, we are not so sure that this Boykin match is, genetically speaking, really a Boykin. His great-great grandmother, Barbara Boykin, appears to have been a true Boykin, however, as we know, the y-chromosome DNA test only applies to the direct male lines.

Barbara Boykin was found on the 1850 census in Johnston Co., NC as an 18 year old girl living in the household of Jesse and Elizabeth Boykin. There is nothing unusual about this census report, therefore I would assign a preliminary relationship of Jesse being Barbara Boykin's father. Also, I would assume that Boykin was Barbara's maiden name.

So what of her son, Perry Boykin, born about 1856 in North Carolina? There is no mention of a father. Barbara and her young son were living with the Barry Johnson family on the 1860 Neuse River, Johnston Co., NC census report. In 1870, Perry Boykin was living with another Johnson Family, this time in Old Fields, Wilson Co., NC. His mother Barbara was not living with them. By 1880, Perry Boykin had married and was enumerated with his wife, Wealthy Jane and daughter Sarah in Old Fields, Wilson Co., NC. His mother Barbara Boykin, a single woman, was also living in the house.

The Johnston County Court minutes should be reviewed for any "bastard bonds" that might have been issued to Barbara Boykin for the maintenance of her son (who did not have a father). Wynette Parks Haun has written several abstract books for the court minutes of Johnston County, but I'm not sure if any of them go up to the year 1856 when Barbara Boykin's son Robert Perry Boykin was born. If not, then the microfilm will have to be reviewed. I hope it has an index!

With regards to the DNA....

My grandfather tested with ftDNA's 37 marker test. This Boykin match tested through with their 46 marker test. Of those 46, 32 markers intersected, however we were not a perfect match. We were a 31/32 marker match. gave us a 95% probability that our common ancestor was about 600 years back, not really genealogically significant. However, there is a 50% probability that our common ancestor was only 200 years back.

So did his Boykin great great grandmother have a child with one of my Godwin ancestors? My cousin Lori did find one record between Thomas Godwin and Thomas Boykin in 1828 in Johnston County, NC, however it is unclear if this Thomas Boykin had any ties to Barbara Boykin or her supposed father, Jesse Boykin. She also found another older record dating back to Isle of Wight County, VA, where both of our families are from: A Frances Godwin married General Frances Marshall Boykin in 1805. This Godwin family is not believed to be related to my own however.

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  1. Ginger, one of our previous neighbors maiden name was Godwin, and I think she told me one time her family was originally from the east coast. Her name is Sharon Godwin Kawasaki and she lives here in Port Orchard, WA. Just giving you the info in case you run across her name in one of your family trees.