Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sampson County, North Carolina, Deed Index, Grantors - GODWIN

Last year I reviewed some deed indexes from the North Carolina State Archives. Most deed indexes are recorded on microfilm at the archives. Microfilm call no. 087.48352 contained the collection, "Sampson County, North Carolina Index to Real Estate Conveyances - Grantors and Grantees, 1754-1940, Volumes E, F, G." I photocopied the entries under the Godwin surname from deed books 4 to 29. I then scanned the two photocopied pages and included below:

This index has the grantor and grantee names, book number and page numbers listed.
Unfortunately this index does not have dates listed.

I transcribed this index in a later post "Sampson Co., NC Deed Index - Godwins" and entered the information into my North Carolina Godwin database.

Most of these deeds were abstracted by Max Peterson in the following books:
Abstracts Sampson-Duplin Deeds, Books 1-3: 1750-1774
Abstracts Sampson-Duplin Deeds, Books 4-6: 1762-1779
Abstracts Sampson-Duplin Deeds, Books 7-9: 1780-1794
Abstracts Sampson-Duplin Deeds, Books 10-12: 1794-1804

The original deeds can be found on the following microfilms:
Sampson County Record of Deeds, 1774-1792, Volumes 5-8, Call No. 087.40002
Sampson County Record of Deeds, 1791-1798, Volumes 9-10, Call No. 087.40003
Sampson County Record of Deeds, 1798-1804, Volumes 11-12, Call No. 087.40004

**Updated 4/27/2011** - Sampson County Register of Deeds now has all of its deeds digitized and available online to view and save. Click here to access the site. Refer to my blog post  "Sampson County North Carolina Deeds are now Online" for details on how to use the site. 

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