Monday, August 18, 2008

Lark Family Revealed

My great grandmother, Nova Lee Peters, had a sister, Mary Peters who married a guy named Carlyle Fleming Lark in 1929. Mary Peters Lark died young in 1949, but not before witnessing the marriage of their son, Stanley Lark, to his wife, June Lawrene Wyatt. The existence of the Lark family was new to us when we started our research in 2005. Since then, my grandfather has been trying to make contact with his Lark cousins. He obtained mailing addresses and phone numbers of Stanley, Russell and Nancy, children of Mary Peters Lark and wrote to each of them. I believe he briefly talked on the phone with his cousin Stanley but wasn’t able to get much information from him. He did receive a Christmas card from Nancy this past year (2007) and got her address from that.

I received most of my information on the Lark family from Stanley’s wife’s side of the family. Stanley’s wife, June, had started the family history but had to cut it short when she passed of cancer in 2003. Her brother Larry Wyatt, has been dilligently trying to pick up where she left off. He has been a great help to me. We started corresponding again this month. I asked him for pictures and history of June and Stanley’s family. He sent me two collages that were made by Michael Lark, only son of Stanley and June; they collages had multiple pictures outlining the lives of Stanley and June. I was sad to learn that Stanley passed away in 2006. This is why my grandfather’s letters and cards were unanswered.

Today on a whim I typed in “Michael Lark” into my Myspace friend finder and low and behold the profile of my second cousin once removed, Michael Lark, son of Stanley and June, appeared. I sent him a message telling him who I was and what I was looking for. I’m not sure if he will respond or not, but it’s still exciting to know that I was able to find and locate some distant family members. I also found a couple of his son’s pages. I browsed through their pictures to try to learn a little about them.

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