Friday, June 6, 2014 Discontinues Y-DNA and mtDNA testing services made some very big announcements on their blog this week: 

  1. will no longer sell the Y-DNA and mtDNA kits –  deciding to focus on their autosomal DNA test only
  2. will no longer keep Y-DNA and mtDNA samples in storage – all samples will be destroyed and cannot be used to upgrade to an autosomal DNA test
  3. will no longer offer access to your Y-DNA and mtDNA results – all results must be downloaded before September 5th, 2014 when they will be permanently removed from their servers


  1. Contact your matches! 
  2. Download your results to a CSV file. 
  3. Transfer your Y-DNA results to Family Tree DNA (ftDNA). They are offering the low price of $19 for the transfer of both the 33 and 46 marker tests. Upgrades are available to ftDNA’s standard 25 and 37 marker tests for an additional fee of $39. See ftDNA FAQs Why upgrade to more markers? 
    • The $19 fee allows you to transfer your results to ftDNA and to join projects; however, you will not receive matches or a haplogroup prediction. Your results will be available to your project administrator and will be displayed in your project's public page. 
  4. Once your results are transferred, join the appropriate surname project in ftDNA
  5. Join the appropriate Y-Haplogroup project and geographic projects to learn more about your Y-DNA results and ancestry. 
  6. Upload your Y-DNA results to This database is free and searchable by surname, results, or user ID. It is FREE!

What about my mtDNA?

There currently is no company offering transfer of your mtDNA results. I recommend that you upload your results to for FREE.

Other Discontinued Services and Products:

A number of other recently acquired products will no longer be supported or made available to users:

  • service, including the message boards
  • The MyFamily website. All content can be downloaded and zipped up but must be downloaded by September 5th, 2014
  • MyCanvas story creation and printing service
  • Mundia

For more information, check out CeCe Moore's full report and's LegacyDNA FAQs

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  1. We think it's great that you can transfer your information from AncestryDNA to FTDNA for only $19! Well worth it so you can continue to be notified of matches. Our team DNA genealogist explains yDNA, mtDNA, and atDNA really well here: