Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Get Into the Cycle

If you’ve been wondering why I haven’t been blogging as much as I used to, you can blame it on FamilyTreeDNA and their darn Family Finder test. Chasing after all the matches of my of two 6th cousins, three grandparents, two parents, and one friend is almost as bad as chasing down those little green leafs in my tree. If I’ve learned anything at all from this experience, (1) it is VERY time consuming and (2) YOU HAVE TO BUILD YOUR TREES! The latter has brought me the most success. I know it may seem counterproductive since the whole point of taking a DNA test is to help you with your genealogy…but once you get into it, it eventually begins to make sense.

You might even see a cycle form:

Here are some tips to help get you started. 
  1. Go back through your notes to see if you missed anything
  2. Talk to old contacts to see if they’ve found anything new
  3. Take advantage of the online trees that are posted with your match’s profile
  4. If you and your match’s ancestors with a common surname lived in the same place at the same time, chances are, they were connected
  5. Don’t just build your tree – build theirs too and look for an intersection between your family lines

You can download your match’s online tree from your ftDNA match page by following these easy directions: 
  1. Click the little green pedigree icon beside your match’s name 
  2. When the new page opens, right click then select to “view page source”
  3. Click Ctrl + A then Ctrl + C to copy the entire page
  4. Go to James Kelly’s website and paste the source code into the box and click the submit button
A GEDCOM will download. You can then import the GEDCOM into your genealogy software. I usually create a new file in my Family Tree Maker software then use to build it out. 

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