Wednesday, September 7, 2011

FGS - Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum Visit

There are many things to do while attending genealogy conferences. We decided to visit the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum during our first day of the conference. We thought they were doing one of their private viewings of the library today, but that is not until tomorrow. But we viewed the museum today anyways. We got a discount because we are conference attendees.

Cameras were allowed in the main gallery, but prohibited in the smaller galleries off to the sides of the main gallery. This is due to copyright issues. The kind folks who were commissioned to recreate the museum scenes have copyrighted their exhibits and everything in them, therefore, in order to prevent any issues to arise around copyright having to do with photography, they have simply prohibited it altogether.

We took our photos with the family in the main gallery, some in front of Lincoln's boy hood home in Indiana (just over the Kentucky line) and a photo of the white house.

Ginger and Liz from My Tapley Tree

Kim from Le Maison Duchamp

Ginger in front of Lincoln's boyhood home

Ginger and Linda from Documenting the Details

Ginger and Linda from Documenting the Details

The White House
P. S. My 5th great-grandfather Calvin West was friends with Abe Lincoln when they were little boys.


  1. That is neat to know about your 5GGfather!

  2. Hi Cherie, yes it is! He is the one who's Civil War diary I still have!

  3. Thanks for your report and photos Ginger. Continue having fun, fun, fun.

  4. Very cool photos! I'm glad you're having fun, and I look forward to hearing about the conference.

  5. Thank you Barbara and Heather! We are having a blast so far and managing to sneak in some sight seeing as well which is the best part :-)