Monday, September 6, 2010

Our Godwin DNA Test Results

This is a repost from February 2009 highlighting the beginning of my journey through the DNA process.

My grandfather submitted his DNA to the Goodwin/Godwin DNA Surname Project back in November of 2008. I sent an email to all of the researchers of his Godwin family to let them know that all of the descendants of Elijah Godwin are now represented by my Grandfather's DNA test. They do NOT have to submit their own tests because if they are a Godwin male descended from Elijah Godwin, then they should have the same exact y-chromosomal DNA as my Grandfather does! Y-chromosomal DNA is what is passed from father to son each generation. Each family has its own set of mutations that occur that also get passed from generation to generation – these mutations are tested and recorded by companies like family tree DNA and they distinguish between family lines.

My grandfather's 37-marker DNA test was a 100% match to the DNA of the 2nd group of Godwins in the results table

Our ID number is G-43
Group 2
G-4 Descendant of David Godwin b. c1740 of Bladen Co., NC
G-29 Descendant of Samuel Godwin b. c1742 of Johnston Co., NC
G-30 Descendant of Thomas Godwin b. c1745 of Johnston Co., NC
G-32 Descendant of Thomas Godwin b. c1745 of Johnston Co., NC
G-34, 48, and 49 Descendants of Nathan Godwin b. c1807 NC (possible grandson of Nathan b.c1760 of Sampson Co., NC thru his son Jonathan, b. 1820)
G-8 Descendant of Alexander Godwin b. c1795 NC d. 1881 St. Clair, AL
G-43 Descendant of Elijah Godwin b. 1805 NC d. 1884 Lawrence Co., AR

For a 37 marker test match, there is a 90% probability that the descendants of Elijah Godwin share a common ancestor in the last 5 generations with the other lines above.  Elijah is the last known ancestor we can prove to be descended from. It is my belief that Elijah was the son of Nathan Godwin who was the son of Jonathan Godwin and Rachel Bullard, however this is widely disbelieved by some Godwin researchers. 
So now all we have to do is try to find paper trails of familial connections with these other Godwin lines of NC in group 2 in order to determine who our common ancestors were.

And what about those elusive Godwins I've come across in my research out in the Midwest who have been trying to connect to my line? Can we get them to test for DNA as well? Will their results come back to having a common ancestor with my Grandfather? If so, how do we determine who the common ancestor was?

We are still looking for descendants of Wilkinson, Dred, and Wilson Ulysses Godwin to participate in the surname project to see if we can connect them to our line. 
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